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Custom 3D Printed Micro Sniper (Paintball Marker)

My custom design .68 cal MICRO SNIPER. Built on a PMI Trracer I custom design a complete body kit that completely transforms the Trracer. I was inspired by the Evanix Rex P however I still put my twist on it. I just ordered some rifled barrels from MCSUS.com and a hard hammer spring and adjustable bolt from extreme-velocity.com recommended by a member on reddit.

The only mod I made to the marker for this Body Kit to work is modding the feed to accept first strike. I cut off the feed tube and expanded the opening for FS slightly oversize so the rounds drop in easily. After that everything slide on friction fit and then locked in by being screwed together by the buffer tube and barrel shroud.

This was created for a 10 inch barrel. However I’ve just order 3 more barrels all rifled 8, 10, and 12 inches so I have plans to make new barrel designs and even an internally suppressed one for the 8 inch barrel.

I will be releasing the files?

Unfortunately they wont be for free. However they won’t be overpriced. The kit is only $10 bucks and I want to over deliver so I am including an additional barrel shroud design fore the release. 


My Custom Design Micro Sniper on Reddit

>> Click Here For Files <<

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