Nerf Gun Mod – Shoot Further With These 3 Mods

Get better range with this Nerf barrel mod. Serious modders know that it is quite possible to increase a Nerf gun’s range by doing a couple of modifications to the internals of a blaster. Some of these simple mods include:

  • Removing the Air Restrictors – Hasbro has put in air restrictors into all of their toy guns, which are safety measures to keep the toy within safe firing power. It is a well known fact that removing them can increase range by about 5 feet or so depending on the type of toy gun.
  • Stretching the Spring, or Replacing it – Adding a new, stronger spring will increase the amount of force the bolt will exert, which will cause air to flow faster out of the power tube and behind the dart, furthering the distance it will fly. Some replace the stock spring, while others simply stretch it to increase its length. This mod can add a couple feet of range.
  • Replacing the Barrel – (the topic of the article) The stock barrel in most Nerf guns are much larger than the darts they are made to shoot. This allows a lot of air to escape around the dart, which is a waste of good pressure. By replacing the barrel with a tighter fitting one, more air will be trapped behind the dart which will build up pressure. Once adequate pressure is built up, the dart will be forced to explode out of the barrel at a higher speed than normal.

Modding the barrel is the best way to increase the range. Some nerfers are able to boost the range of a Nerf gun by over 10 feet with a well done barrel mod, and even more if they make their own darts.

These are 3 ways you can increase the range of your Nerf gun, and as you read above, modding the barrel will add the most range. To see which materials make for the best replacement barrels for toy blasters, go here – Nerf barrel mod – there you’ll see prices for each material, and helpful info you need to know before you get started!

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