Modified Nerf Guns – Tips to Heed

Modifying nerf guns has become quite a big hobby in recent years.  With underground communities online such as NerfHaven fostering many cool tutorials on how to get the most out of your nerf gun, its safe to say that sooner or later you’ll feel the desire to open up your nerf gun and start cutting away.

Before you get into modifying any of your nerf guns, there are is one cold hard fact you should consider.

Know what you are getting into – before you gut your dart gun, know that there is always a possibility that something might go wrong.  You could break a part or forget how to put it back together.  Although this sounds kind of bad, you should always be ready for something to wrong.  If you’re the type that gets frustrated when something isn’t working right, then this probably isn’t something you should be getting into.  The fact of the matter is, not all mods come out perfect every time, chances are one of them will go wrong, and you might be stuck with a broken nerf gun.

Doing awesome nerf gun modifications can become quite an addicting hobby.  With possibilities such as the superclip mod, vulcan ammo-belt mod, vulcan battery mod, and easy to do range enhancement mods out there, its easy to get caught up in crafting a powerful dart gun.  Before you do any modification, be sure to remember the above tip to make your experience even more enjoyable.  Always know what you are getting into before you attempt a mod.  If it’s something you can handle, then go for it!  Otherwise, steer clear and save your nerf guns from the trash can.

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